Does your site have any songs to help with teaching Phonics?

Yes. We have lots of phonics songs with implied actions. We will be updating this part of our website in the near future to offer a full phonics programme.

I want to use one of your songs in my class assembly. Is it possible to get a backing track or sheet music?

Yes. In our Downloads Area you can download performance tracks, backing tracks, sheet music and lyrics all at no additional cost.

Our school follows a slightly different adapted version of the English National Curriculum. Is it possible to get songs to fit with our curriculum.

Yes. We want our website to be used by as many schools a possible so please contact us with your requests.

Can we request songs to be written?

Yes. Contact us to make a request and we’ll see what we can do.

Can our students get access to the videos at home?

Yes. Information on how students can access the site is available after you fully subscribe.

Is it possible to get a free trial?

Yes. Sign up now and automatically receive a 14 day free trial. Your trial period will allow access to all of the videos on our site. Once fully subscribed, you will gain access to our Downloads Area. From the Downloads Area you can download Performance Tracks, Backing Tracks, Scores and Lyrics at no additional cost.